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NOAEL-project 2.0

In these months the website encountered a lot of changes; more specifically:

Toxicological datasheet

  • The "Chemo-physical" section now has another field for estimate where possible the SED: to date we only reported the dermal absorption expressed as percentage. From now on, if the information is available, we report the dermal absorption also as expressed as μg/cm2
  • We have started to include the toxicological profiles of plant extracts. Specifically, in addition to the classical toxicological fields, we now indicate for each extract the sources (i.e. root, bark, fruit ...), the solvents used for the extraction (i.e. water, methanol ...) and the active ingredients normally occurring in the extract.

Technical aspects of the website

  • The website has a new graphic theme, more responsive to tablet and other devices and completely translated in english.
  • The NOAEL-project is now lighter, meaning it gets less time to load pages and files
  • A feedback icon is displayed in the bottom-right section of any page, allowing the user to report any problem regarding navigation or website content
  • The home page has been drastically changed, allowing the user to get important info such as the the number of toxicological datasheets currently in the database (divided in different categories: NOAEL, NOAEL plus SED, in the Annexes ...), the last substances inserted, the last substances updated and the ingredients for which no NOAEL has been found.
  • The statistics are more light and informative
  • A pool section has been added in the left sidebar, this will inform us about the requests of the visitors of the website
  • A NOAEL-crew section has been added to the main menu. Now visitors can see download the CV and visit the online profile of the people actually working on the project
  • The printable version of the toxicological datasheets has been modified in order to be more printer-friendly

Other improovements

  • A NOAEL-blog has been created (by the way, you are actually reading the first article of the blog). This will be the main communication device used to advise anonymous and registered users about the changes that will be made. In the future we will add more section dedicated to different topics.
  • A list of all the partners of the project has been published

Major improovements

  • A brand new excel sheet has benn created in order to help NOAEL-users to calculate the MOS and the SED. The user now has only to filll the cells with NOAEL valuem, dermal absorption and concentration of the substance of interest. The "Calculated relative daily exposure" will be automatically filled after the user has selected the cosmetic category of interest (body lotion, shampoo ...). In addition, the excel sheet will provide the maximal concentration allowed for each ingredient in order to get a NOAEL of 100, in other words a "safe concentration threshold".

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