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Pest survey card on tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus


Published on: Wed, 29 Jul 2020

This pest survey card was prepared in the context of the EFSA mandate on plant pest surveillance (M‐2017‐0137) at the request of the European Commission. Its purpose is to guide the Member States in preparing data and information fortomato leaf curl New Delhi virus(ToLCNDV) surveys. These are required to design statistically sound and risk‐based pest surveys, in line with current international standards.Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virusis a clearly defined taxonomic entity.Although the main potential pathway of entry and spread of this virus via plants for planting of host plants is subject to prohibitions and specific measures designedto prevent entry and movement, the widespread occurrence and polyphagous nature of its vector Bemisia tabaci constitutes a risk for introduction and further spread of ToLCNDV given its persistent transmission biology. The virusis currently present in parts of the EU, and surveys in Member Statescan have several objectives, e.g. substantiation of disease freedom for countries or pest‐free areas, ordisease monitoring. The major hosts of ToLCNDV belong to the Solanaceae and Cucurbitaceae families, and detection surveys should thus target cultivated species belonging to these families. ToLCNDV is expected to be able to become established in most or all areas of the EU where B. tabaciis able to become established– outdoors or under protected cultivation– and where Solanaceae and Cucurbitaceae crops are grown.Surveillance should target symptomatic host plants in a fully grown crop. Because of the severity of its symptoms, surveillance of ToLCNDV can rely on visual examination. However, because its symptoms are similar or identical to those of other begomoviruses, its identification requires the use ofvalidated laboratory assays.

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Pest survey card on tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus

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